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Daiwa Multiplier Reels

Multiplier reels, also known as baitcasting reels, are a type of fishing reel that is commonly used by anglers who prefer a high level of control and precision when casting their line. Multiplier reels are typically mounted on top of a fishing rod and feature a spool that rotates as the handle is turned, allowing for accurate and powerful casts. At Fishing Tackle and Bait, we offer a range of high-quality multiplier reels from top brands such as Daiwa, Abu Garcia, and Penn. These brands are known for their expertise in producing top-quality fishing gear, and their multiplier reels are no exception. Daiwa multiplier reels are renowned for their smooth casting and reliable performance, making them a popular choice among serious anglers. Abu Garcia multiplier reels are also highly regarded for their durability and versatility, making them a great choice for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Pennmultiplier reels are designed to handle the toughest conditions and biggest fish, making them a go-to choice for offshore anglers. No matter which brand you choose, our selection of multiplier reels at Fishing Tackle and Bait is designed to meet the needs of anglers of all skill levels and budgets. With our extensive range of fishing gear and expert advice, you can be sure that you'll find the right multiplier reel to suit your needs and help you catch that big fish.


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1 - 3 of 3 Products

More about Multiplier Reels

Multiplier reels, also known as baitcasting reels, are a type of fishing reel that is specifically designed to offer anglers greater control and precision when casting their line. Unlike spinning reels, which are mounted underneath the fishing rod, multiplier reels are mounted on top of the rod, allowing the angler to use their thumb to control the spool during the casting process.

Multiplier reels work by rotating the spool as the handle is turned, allowing the angler to cast the line with greater accuracy and power. This is because the spool rotates faster than the line is being released, which creates greater tension and allows for longer and more accurate casts.

Multiplier reels are often used by more experienced anglers who want greater control over their casting, as well as the ability to handle larger and more powerful fish. They are also ideal for fishing in areas with heavy vegetation or other obstacles, as the angler can use their thumb to control the spool and prevent the line from getting tangled.

Overall, multiplier reels are a reliable and versatile tool for anglers looking to improve their casting accuracy and control, as well as handle larger and more powerful fish. They are often used in freshwater and saltwater fishing, and are a popular choice for a wide range of fishing applications, including bass fishing, trolling, and offshore fishing.

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About Daiwa

Founded in 1958, Daiwa has been providing enjoyment and positive feeling to fishermen for generations.  Daiwa has been developing products to meet the ever changing angling market for than 60 years across 8 decades.   Daiwa's evolving technologies are particularly associated with fishing reels - a product that they are considered to be global leaders in.  Only a few years after Daiwa was first formed, they were noted as the 'reel of choice' in 1965 with the launch of their ground breaking 'Open-Faced Reel'. 

Prior to this the norm was to have a closed faced reel.  Daiwa revolutionised this with a product which allowed the angler to wind more line onto the spool faster and with more feel.  This shocked the angling world in all the right ways!

This forward looking, proactive innovation has been central to everything Daiwa have done in the fishing industry ever since.  Today, Daiwa is one of the world's leading fishing tackle brands.  At Fishing Tackle and Bait, we're delighted to be Ireland's biggest stockist of Daiwa products which we ship daily to anglers and fishing enthusiasts all over the world.  In their first 80 years, they've changed fishing forever.  We're looking forward to seeing what Daiwa can do in the next 80!

What Daiwa products do we have at FTB?

What don't we have! Our range includes (but is not limited to) the following: