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Fishing Tackle and Bait offers a variety of feeders for anglers looking to attract fish in different situations. One type of feeder that they carry is the cage feeder, which is designed to hold bait such as groundbait, pellets, or maggots. The cage feeder is made of wire mesh, which allows water to flow through the feeder and disperse the bait around the area where the angler is fishing. This method is particularly effective for attracting carp, bream, and tench. Another type of feeder that Fishing Tackle and Bait offers is the maggot feeder. As mentioned earlier, this type of feeder is specifically designed to hold maggots, which are a popular and effective bait for many species of fish. Maggot feeders typically have small holes that allow the maggots to breathe and escape, while keeping them contained in the feeder until they are ready to be used. Finally, Fishing Tackle and Bait also carries method feeders. These feeders are designed to be used in conjunction with groundbait or pellets and are particularly effective for attracting carp and bream. The method feeder is a flat, circular device with a weight in the center and a mesh basket on top that holds the bait. When the feeder hits the water, the weight sinks to the bottom, leaving the bait on the surface. As the bait breaks down, it creates a scent trail that attracts fish to the area. In summary, Fishing Tackle and Bait offers a range of feeders to suit different fishing scenarios and preferences, including cage feeders, maggot feeders, and method feeders. These feeders are designed to attract a variety of fish species and are an effective tool for anglers looking to improve their chances of a successful catch.


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