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RaidZap Was Developed by Fly Tiers for Fly Tying

Our gear is developed in Canada, behind the fly-tying table, with top-of-the-line materials.

Our roots are in fly fishing and fly tying.

We have gained our knowledge as fly tiers, learned by the others, but met what we all missed from the start.

We have developed an amazing UV resin product that is quickly cured, clear, and 100% TACK-free. Raidzap is developed by fly tiers for fly tying.

We believe that if we make a product, it should be the best.

Our products have great materials and great processes, which ensures that each product meets high standards.

We seek not only to do less harm but better. We are a brand that meets people!

Our name and logo are clearly visible to the fly-tying market, where we would move our product to the other fly tiers.

We are proud to have learned as a fly tier, but further, give the experience we have learned as a product. What we missed as a fly-tier at that time is further developed, and out of that, our brand formed.

We know that more and more trash floats around in our world’s oceans. Too much trash means too much pollution and damages our world and our water environment.

At RaidZap, we have made the choice to use #recycle Carton for our boxes, so we can contribute to change.

It Is time to change the world we live In. To protect the ocean and environment. So please take our Carton boxes and our HDPE recycling plastic bottle after use, and put It In your local recycling system.

Thanks for making a difference today. – It all starts here


It´s time to rethink!

PLEASE take our products after use to recycle! – thanks Keep fly-tying simple!

– Tight lines.

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1 - 5 of 5 Products