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Welcome to Fishing Tackle and Bait, your one-stop-shop for high-quality fishing t-shirts from top brands such as Korda, Guru, Savage Gear, and more. Our website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of fishing t-shirts that are perfect for any angler looking to show off their passion for the sport.Our fishing t-shirts are made from high-quality materials that are durable, comfortable, and designed to withstand the rigors of fishing. We offer a variety of styles and designs to suit your individual needs and preferences, including short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, and hoodies. At Fishing Tackle and Bait, we believe that looking good on the water is just as important as catching fish. That's why we only offer fishing t-shirts from trusted and reputable brands that are known for their quality and style. Whether you're a fan of Korda, Guru, Savage Gear, or any other brand, you'll find a wide range of t-shirts to choose from on our website. So, browse our selection of fishing t-shirts, find the perfect t-shirt to show off your love of fishing, and make your next fishing trip a stylish and comfortable one. Fishing Tackle and Bait, Prices that you'll love and service you'll remember!


Check out our extensive range of Korum Fishing Tackle at Fishing Tackle and Bait.  We have a huge range of the finest Korum fishing products in stock and ready to ship. From Rod rests to Carp hooks, we've got it all.  With hundreds of Korum products, we have everything you need, at prices that you'll love with service you'll remember!


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1 - 1 of 1 Products

Why would I be interested in Fishing T-shirts?

Fishing t-shirts and polos are essential pieces of clothing for any angler, as they provide numerous benefits that help to enhance your fishing experience. Here are just a few of the benefits of fishing t-shirts and polos:

  • Comfort: Fishing t-shirts and polos are made from high-quality materials that are designed to be comfortable and lightweight. They are typically moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping to keep you cool and dry while you're out on the water.

  • Style: Fishing t-shirts and polos come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles, allowing you to express your personal style while on the water. Whether you prefer a classic polo or a bold graphic tee, there's a fishing shirt for everyone.

  • Durability: Fishing t-shirts and polos are designed to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the rigors of the fishing environment. They are typically made from high-quality materials that can handle exposure to water, sun, and wind without fading or deteriorating.

  • Versatility: Fishing t-shirts and polos are versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions beyond just fishing. Whether you're running errands around town or spending a day at the beach, these shirts are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any outdoor activity.

In summary, fishing t-shirts and polos provide a range of benefits that make them a must-have for any angler. They offer sun protection, comfort, style, durability, and versatility, ensuring that you look and feel your best while you're out on the water.

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