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Guru LogoThe Feeder Fishing Boom...
One area of angling that is rapidly growing is feeder fishing, in both the UK and Europe. Feeder fishing is an expanding craze that?s here to stay, and the tackle industry has had a great opportunity to develop whole ranges of products within it. The audience for feeder ranges is huge thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of the technique. Newcomers and beginners can enjoy it, pleasure fishing with a feeder is a highly popular method, while club through to top flight match anglers use feeders in competitions worldwide. The latest X-Change Distance Feeders appeal to this very wide audience. Inspirationally designed by expert matchmen from the Guru Team to compete at the highest level, with easy-to-use, effective, convenient and unique features that will help all anglers at all levels.

Feeder Competitions:
Seven years ago, the Feeder Fishing World Championship was born, which has quickly grown to be as big as the traditional float fishing World Championship. The media coverage and interest in this event is booming, opening a huge European audience for the X-Change Distance Feeders (sure online orders from many UK shops). On top of this, there are many Feeder Fishing Competitions in the UK. On a local scale, there are feeder leagues and festivals, attended by club and open-match anglers. Then there are big-money Feeder Fishing events such as the Feeder Masters 12,000 Final, which has twenty 60-peg qualifying matches UK wide. This is a total sell-out event for anglers that are prime candidates for this latest feeder range, who need the most up-to-the-minute kit and edges to stay ahead of the game. For the past two years, the UK has also held qualifiers for teams of anglers to travel abroad to fish the Feeder World Club Championship, creating even more interest and buzz around the method in the UK! The Irish festival and fishing scene has undergone a huge rejuvenation in the last few years, with new events proving popular and feeder fishing being the dominant method. The X-Change Distance Feeders are designed and suited to this style of natural-water feeder fishing, and with the likes of Irish legend Cathal Hughes already using them, they?re set to be huge on the Irish scene which UK anglers flock to each year. Nearly all the events mentioned here are held on natural venues, where the Distance Feeders are the ultimate tool thanks to the USPs below.

Introducing X-Change Distance Feeders...
The X-Change Distance Feeders complement the already strong rage of feeders in our stable. This X-Change Feeder offers ultimate versatility, and meets all international CIPS rules, meaning it can be used in all World Championship and international matches. The whole team at Guru has come together in the development of these, including the expertise of current and ex-England Internationals, Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney, who have tested the range for nearly two years to tweak and perfect it. No stone has been left unturned in terms of the components, features and performance of these weapons!

X-Change USPs...
The range covers a very wide range of feeder fishing on an array of venues, including lakes, rivers, large canals, loughs and open-water commercials. There are three sizes of feeder in Cage and Open End versions - Small, Medium and Large.
One of the main aims of the Distance Feeders was to create a tool that would cast super accurately and help anglers cast further. To achieve this, the feeders are developed with a super-smooth profile on the outside, in an optimum aerodynamic shape. This shape not only helps gain distance and accuracy on the cast, but also helps the feeders retrieve smoothly. The body of the feeders is also designed to come to the surface as quickly as possible on the retrieve, which is a great advantage when fishing near ledges, shelves or snags. The actual plastic material the feeders are made from is strong and durable, which will last when been hammered against buckets and bowls during loading, or cast into rocky terrain.
The Registered-Design line attachment is freshly developed to avoid tangles, making the rig as simple as ever to give less scope for complications and breakages. This is made from a loop of 0.55mm Mouth Trap filament, which is super strong without any crimps. This runs through the body, making a clean, tangle-free loop. You simply attach it to the rig via a Snap Swivel, which leaves the feeder hanging central for optimum casting every time.
A key and totally unique USP of the X-Change Distance Feeders, is the fact you can change the weights on the feeders by simply twisting to click them on and off. The connection is easy and quick, while being safely secure. The weights fit feeders throughout the range, offering the most versatile set of Feeders ever produced. This weight design on the feeder is weight-forward, for maximum distance and accuracy. Lots of feeder fishing is done in difficult and testing conditions, especially in wind, when the feeders perform above and beyond. Having this interchangeable weight system also allows anglers to cut-down the amount of feeders they need to take to the bank.
Also in the range are two Bait-Up Feeders. These are designed for feeding a quantity of bait at the start of a session. In the past, many anglers have tried to make their own feeders for this, but nobody has ever nailed this product until now. The Bait-Up Feeders come in two sizes, both featuring the interchangeable weights. Their design helps bait stick in the feeder on the cast, while it will empty-out quickly in the swim to bait-up your area. Although large enough to feed an amount of bait at the start of a session, the Bait-Up Feeders have been designed at a size that will not put too much strain on a standard rod set-up.

What's In The Range
The range is completed with small, medium and large feeders, in both Cage and Open-End versions. The Cage Feeders are ideal for shallower venues, or waters where you?re looking for a fast release of the feed. Open-End Feeders come into play if you want to hold feed in the feeder for longer, such as when tackling deep waters. These are ideal for cramming full of fine particles too, like finely chopped worms, taking them accurately to the bottom in a small area where you need them. The two sizes of Bait-Up feeder enable anglers to feed their swim at the start of a session, without putting too much pressure on a standard rod setup.
The feeders come in packs of two: 20g and 30g in a pack for each size of feeder, and 40g and 50g in a pack for each size of feeder. Weights are also available separately, in packs of Light Weights and Heavy Weights. Light Weight packs consist of two 20g weights and two 30g weights. Heavy Weight packs consist of two 40g weights and two 50g weights. The Bait-Up Feeders come in Medium 20g and Large 30g sizes, and a pack consists of both size feeders each with a different weight that will interchange with each other.

What's In The Range
  • Small 20g and 30g in a pack
  • Small 40g and 50g in a pack
  • Medium 20g and 30g in a pack
  • Medium 40g and 50g in a pack
  • Large 20g and 30g in a pack
  • Large 40g and 50g in a pack
  • Bait Up Feeder 20g and 30g in a pack
  • Light Weights 2x 20g and 2x 30g in a pack
  • Heavy Weights 2x 40g and 2x 50g in a pack

Quickfire UPSs!
  • Unique interchangeable weight system
  • The weight of a feeder can be altered in seconds, without changing feeder
  • Anglers can carry fewer feeders, thanks to changeable weight system
  • Small, medium and large feeders
  • Cage Feeder for quicker bait release effect
  • Open End for deeper water or holding bait within feeder for longer
  • Two Bait-Up feeders, hold plenty of feed for kicking-off a session, made the correct size to not put too much strain on a standard feeder setup
  • Weight forward design and aerodynamic profile aids extra accurate casting and optimum distance to be reached
  • Strong and durable plastic, to withstand demanding conditions, terrain and usage
  • Body profile designed for smooth retrieval, with feeders rising in the water to avoid snags
  • Registered design line attachment, to create a minimalistic, tangle free and strong link
  • Line attachment creates a central hanging feeder every time

Light Spare Weight Pack 2x20g

Heavy Spare Weight Pack 2x40g 2x50g

Reviews (1)
There are 1 reviews with an average rating of 5.00
5.00 out of 5 stars
john from United KingdomOwner27 December 2017 15:24
what is there to say designed by people who go fishing and have improved feeders to the next level removable weights take out the need for umpteen feeders cutting down on weight to carry
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