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Fishing Tackle & Bait Balaclava & Hats

Our selection of fishing balaclavas and hats includes a variety of styles and designs to suit your individual needs and preferences. We offer fishing hats with wide brims for maximum sun protection, as well as lightweight and breathable hats for hot weather fishing. Our fishing balaclavas are perfect for colder weather and offer full coverage for your face and neck, keeping you warm and protected from the elements.We take great pride in the quality of our fishing balaclavas and hats, and only offer products from trusted and reputable brands such as Korda, Savage Gear, Westin and many more. Our headwear is made from high-quality materials that are durable, comfortable, and designed to withstand the rigors of fishing. At Fishing Tackle and Bait, we're passionate about providing our customers with the best possible fishing experience, and we believe that the right headwear can make all the difference. So, browse our selection of fishing balaclavas and hats, find the perfect headwear for your needs, and enjoy your next fishing trip in comfort and style.


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1 - 1 of 1 Products

How could a Balaclava or Hat benefit me fishing?

There are several reasons why wearing a balaclava or hat while fishing can be beneficial:

  • Sun protection: Spending long hours fishing under the sun can cause sunburns and skin damage. Wearing a hat can help protect your face, ears, and neck from harmful UV rays.

  • Warmth: When fishing in cold weather, a balaclava or hat can help keep your head and face warm, which can help prevent heat loss and keep you comfortable.

  • Insect protection: Insects like mosquitoes and gnats can be a nuisance while fishing, especially during warmer months. A balaclava or hat can help keep insects away from your face and neck.

  • Camouflage: If you're fishing in clear water or in an area with easily spooked fish, wearing a camouflaged balaclava or hat can help you blend in with your surroundings and avoid scaring fish away.

  • Safety: Wearing a hat or balaclava can also provide additional protection against hooks and other fishing gear. It can help prevent accidents by keeping fishing lines and hooks away from your face and eyes.

Overall, wearing a balaclava or hat while fishing can help protect you from the elements and make your fishing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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