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Daiwa Fly Reels

Fishing fly reels are an essential piece of equipment for any angler who enjoys fly fishing. They allow for the smooth and controlled release of line, making it easier to cast the fly accurately and effectively. Fishing Tackle and Bait offers a wide range of fly reels from top brands such as Daiwa, Wychwood, Greys, and more. Daiwa fly reels are known for their durability, smooth drag systems, and high-quality materials. They come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different fishing situations, from lightweight trout fishing to heavy-duty saltwater angling. Wychwood fly reels are designed with modern technology and materials to provide anglers with a high-performance fishing experience. They feature lightweight, machined aluminum frames, smooth drag systems, and large-arbor spools for increased line retrieval speed. Greys fly reels are another popular choice, known for their precision engineering and attention to detail. They feature durable, lightweight construction and a range of advanced features such as sealed drag systems, large-arbor spools, and ergonomic handles. Fishing Tackle and Bait also offer fly reels from other top brands, including Sage, Orvis, and Redington. With so many options available, anglers can find the perfect fly reel to suit their needs and budget, whether they're just starting out or are seasoned pros.


Check out our extensive range of Daiwa Fishing Tackle at Fishing Tackle and Bait.  We have a huge range of the finest Daiwa fishing products in stock and ready to ship. From Daiwa Reels, to rods, line and poles, we've got it all.  With more than 500 Daiwa products, we have everything you need, at prices that you'll love with service you'll remember!


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More about Fly Reels

Fly fishing reels are a type of fishing equipment designed to hold and spool fly fishing line. Unlike traditional fishing reels, fly reels are not used for reeling in fish but rather to hold the line and provide drag to control the fish once it is hooked.

Fly fishing reels are used in combination with a fly fishing rod and line, allowing the angler to cast a lightweight fly to the fish. The reel is then used to retrieve line as the angler works to lure the fish to the hook.

Fly fishing reels come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different types of fly fishing, from small streams to large saltwater flats. They are often made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or graphite to reduce weight and increase sensitivity.

The drag system in a fly reel is important as it provides the resistance necessary to tire the fish and prevent the line from breaking. Most modern fly reels feature adjustable drag systems that allow anglers to fine-tune the amount of resistance based on the size and strength of the fish they are targeting.

Overall, fly fishing reels are an essential component of any fly fishing setup, providing the angler with the ability to cast, retrieve, and control the line as they work to catch fish.

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About Daiwa

Founded in 1958, Daiwa has been providing enjoyment and positive feeling to fishermen for generations.  Daiwa has been developing products to meet the ever changing angling market for than 60 years across 8 decades.   Daiwa's evolving technologies are particularly associated with fishing reels - a product that they are considered to be global leaders in.  Only a few years after Daiwa was first formed, they were noted as the 'reel of choice' in 1965 with the launch of their ground breaking 'Open-Faced Reel'. 

Prior to this the norm was to have a closed faced reel.  Daiwa revolutionised this with a product which allowed the angler to wind more line onto the spool faster and with more feel.  This shocked the angling world in all the right ways!

This forward looking, proactive innovation has been central to everything Daiwa have done in the fishing industry ever since.  Today, Daiwa is one of the world's leading fishing tackle brands.  At Fishing Tackle and Bait, we're delighted to be Ireland's biggest stockist of Daiwa products which we ship daily to anglers and fishing enthusiasts all over the world.  In their first 80 years, they've changed fishing forever.  We're looking forward to seeing what Daiwa can do in the next 80!

What Daiwa products do we have at FTB?

What don't we have! Our range includes (but is not limited to) the following: