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Fluorocarbon lines are a type of fishing line made from a special polymer that is nearly invisible underwater. They are popular among anglers because they are highly resistant to abrasion, have low stretch, and are less visible to fish compared to other types of fishing lines. Fishing Tackle and Bait offers a range of fluorocarbon lines from top brands such as Savage Gear, Berkley, and Korda. Savage Gear is known for its high-quality fluorocarbon lines that have low memory, high sensitivity, and excellent knot strength. These lines are suitable for various fishing applications, including finesse fishing, spinning, and trolling. Berkley is another top brand that Fishing Tackle and Bait offers, known for its abrasion-resistant and virtually invisible fluorocarbon lines. These lines are perfect for clear water conditions and for catching wary fish that are easily spooked by fishing lines. Korda is a popular choice among anglers looking for reliable and strong fluorocarbon lines. Their lines are designed to sink quickly and are perfect for bottom fishing, as well as for use with baitcasting reels. Overall, Fishing Tackle and Bait offers a range of high-quality fluorocarbon lines from top brands, providing anglers with a reliable and versatile option for their fishing needs.


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Airflo Premium Fluorocarbon- 30M
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More about Fluorocarbon Lines

Fishing fluorocarbon lines are a type of fishing line made from a clear polymer material that is nearly invisible underwater. This type of fishing line is known for its abrasion resistance, low stretch, and sensitivity. Fishing fluorocarbon lines are used by anglers for various fishing applications, including finesse fishing, spinning, trolling, and bottom fishing.

One of the key advantages of fluorocarbon lines is their near invisibility underwater, which makes them ideal for fishing in clear water or for targeting wary fish that may be spooked by more visible fishing lines. Fluorocarbon lines also have low stretch, which means anglers can detect bites more easily and set hooks with greater precision.

Moreover, fluorocarbon lines are highly abrasion-resistant, which makes them ideal for fishing in rocky or snag-filled areas where other types of fishing lines might break easily. Additionally, they are also more resistant to UV damage and have a longer lifespan compared to monofilament lines.

Overall, fishing fluorocarbon lines are a versatile and reliable option for anglers looking to improve their fishing experience and catch more fish.

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